1. deck of symbols

    13 Sep 2021
    for my birthday, my mum gave me a gift card to a local shop that has lots of trinkets and lovely magical things. i chose to buy a deck of symbols. it is a akin to tarot cards but instead of the traditional cards it has symbols found in nature…

  2. sanderson, texas

    12 Sep 2021
    a brief solo escape to a new and remote place back in april. there are small towns a plenty out here, and i can forgot how nice it feels to disappear into one every-now and then. lovely to feel invisible in a small place. it’s a different kind of calm/meditation…

  3. return

    29 Aug 2021
    return to words. return to self. return to feeling free. return to… too much tv. too much fantasy. can’t stop thinking about finding the refresh button. how? where? in tv they find refresh via Hawaii & spa’s & meditation & the forest. is it possible to find refresh where you…

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