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I am inspired by the dance between the desert's harshness & graceful simplicity; I aim to capture the beautiful hues, textures & shapes that result from this relationship –– to capture the hearts & bones of the wild west. To capture the truest moments between loved ones and the beauty of ordinary moments.

Ever since moving to Marfa in Far West Texas in 2015,  I have taken as many opportunities as able to explore the beautiful Chihuahuan Desert. These images are a collection of my favorite photos taken from the Davis Mountains all the way down to Mexico and everywhere in between. Sprinkled among this collection are photos from a myriad of other destinations over the years as well as a sampling of work I've created with various clients. These range from portrait sessions to editorial work. 

With a background in and ever-growing interest in both social work and photography, as well as the family-given title from a young age as family documentarian, I've always desired to capture a moment in its authenticity, to tell stories of truth and aid in remembering the most delightful of moments. I've found I always prefer to photograph things/moments as they happen without much disturbance from me or the presence of my camera. I'm not sure there's much else that makes me happier than the opportunity to fully explore a space and moment as it exists.

I have a multitude of photography experiences ranging from weddings to editorial to prints, and I'm continually drawn to a more candid, lifestyle/photojournalism aesthetic. If you have an idea or event or other particular parts of your life you'd like to have captured in this way, or a project you'd like to collaborate on –– please reach out. 

In 2021 I made the move down south to Presidio, Texas. A small (but slightly larger than Marfa) town, that completes the southern part of Presidio County. It sits on the border from Mexico, across from the Rio Grande. Presidio first entered my world several years ago as I started on the wild journey with my partner, and now fiance.  Presidio is his hometown and has become a home for me too. 

* Most images on the site can be made into prints for your space. If you do not see the image you'd like in the hearts and bones print shop, please reach out and we'll arrange it!

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