sharon hernandez - presidio coffee co.

As Sharon Hernandez describes it, in the Mexican households she grew up around, coffee was the first thing offered when you had guests, often fostering hours of conversation. “At my grandparents’ house, & even my parents’ house, there was just always coffee,” Sharon shared. Time away from her hometown of Presidio –– earning her MBA, working a corporate job & time abroad in Europe –– has given her access to “coffee culture” as it exists around the globe, from the more sacred rituals of making a cuppa with intention to the quickness of “grabbing a coffee” along the way. She also experienced the common practices of working from a coffee shop or meeting a friend for coffee. Sharon hopes to use all of these details to create a shop for everyone, a place to slow down & connect as you wait for the slow drip of the pour over, finding focus in one of the private cubbies in the back or getting your coffee fix to-go while en route.

Admittedly, Sharon didn’t imagine she’d find herself back in her hometown of Presidio, opening a coffee shop, but it feels exactly like what she is supposed to be doing. Along with many others, in 2020 when the pandemic hit, Sharon found herself shifting her priorities. She explained: “The pandemic really shook people up, an awakening of what’s important, do what really matters to you, we don’t know if we have a tomorrow.” She added, “I love my job, but it doesn’t give me the same satisfaction as when I make coffee.” For Sharon that feeling, & the perk (pun intended) of switching to remote work, led her back home to Presidio from North Texas for longer & longer stretches of time. She had really come to miss it. Along with her dog Frida, she brought back with her a growing passion to open a coffee shop, the culmination of years of dreaming about it & even slowly collecting decor for her dream shop. She had bought a coffee cart just before the pandemic hit with hopes to start the slow journey leading to owning her own shop. Unfortunately, that cart would be put in storage, where it still sits to this day in North Texas. 

She jumped at an opportunity to have a coffee booth at the Presidio Farmers Market back in late 2020. It was the many encouraging conversations with community members at the Farmers Market a year ago that solidified her desire to bring a coffee shop to Presidio. Next week, after much planning and thoughtful details, she will be opening the doors to @presidiocoffeeco; offering a variety of coffee drinks, teas, boba tea, pastries & further down the line ice cream & more food options. Sharon is excited to use beans roasted locally from both marfa coffee company & big bend coffee roasters. 

“I have an opportunity to do something special for my community. Coffee is very communal and with it I want to create a space where my community can feel at home and continue to build this town up. Students will have a place to hang out and do homework, locals can bring their laptops and work in one of our little nooks or sit by our slow-bar and enjoy a good cup of coffee.” Sharon hopes to offer a job or two to high school students after the shop has found its stride. Talking at length about the general jitters that come with opening up a new business, and how despite them, she finds encouragement by the ways she’s seeing growth in Presidio. Adding how much she loves and supports her town and just how humbled she feels to get to be part of that growth.

Sharon’s enthusiasm & passion for this new project is contagious & there’s lots of hope that this bold step will encourage other community members to make some bold steps of their own & perhaps go get some coffee to help fuel the process. ☕️

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